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Why SafeShare.TV?

Our mission is to provide a safe environment, where YouTube and Vimeo videos can be seen without any distraction. In order to do that, we have implemented a platform where you can create a "SafeView", which are minimalistic versions of YouTube videos. With these SafeViews, you will be able to share videos with children without being afraid that they can get to potentially inappropriate content.

YouTube’s Safety mode is far from foolproof. If the person who uploaded a nasty video hasn’t selected Enable age restriction, or other users haven’t flagged it as objectionable, YouTube’s filter probably won’t block it. Unfortunately, this is very common and children are constantly bombarded with inappropriate videos on YouTube, and that's why the SafeShare.TV project was born.

SafeShare.tv removes unwanted distractions so that they can be viewed safely without the hassle of first having to download and convert YouTube videos to get rid of nuisances such as annotations and related videos. Instead, you simply copy/paste the URL of the online video into SafeShare.tv which will generate a SafeView containing only the video and some basic controls.

What does SafeShare do exactly?

Reduces Ads to a Minimum
Edit Video Start/End Positions
Hides Related videos and other annoyances
Give the gift of privacy to your friends

Become a Contributer

For the last few years, we've been running the SafeShare.TV project without charging anything for it's usage. In order for us to be able to continue offering our services for free, please consider making a donation.

SafeViews created worldwide!

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