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"The Letter A Song" by

"The Letter A Song" (See below for lyrics)

Hooray for the letter A! This original animated video from features a song written in a traditional rhythm and blues style. Alan ate an apple, Aaron watches airplanes at the airport, and Angie the acrobat swings from a trapeze! Watch these amazing characters in this adorable video teaching this absolutely awesome first letter of the alphabet.

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Song Lyrics:

Alan ate an apple, and awesome it did taste.

Ava ate an apricot, and not a bite did waste.

Andy watched a little ant crawl along the ground.

And Allie watched an alligator swim without a sound.

The alphabet begins with a.

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray for a!

Let's find the words that start with letter a—amazing letter a!

At the airport, Aaron watches airplanes in the air.

Annie saw an antelope and knew to be aware.

Archie is an artist. Amber flies a kite.

And Abby is an actress. She acts all day and night!

The alphabet begins with a.

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray for a!

Let's find the words that start with letter a—amazing letter a!

At the beach, Amanda found an abalone shell.

She took it to her school one day to use for show-and-tell.

Ariel can count to ten and knows her ABC's.

And Angie is an acrobat and swings from a trapeze.

The alphabet begins with a.

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray for a!

Let's find the words that start with letter a—amazing letter a!

Oh yeah. Amazing letter a! One more time!

Amazing and adorable and absolutely awesome letter a.

Oh yeah! Whooo!


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